Hoot Nannie

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hello......Sally mentioned that she could not comment on this last post. I checked settings and found that I had the option of "no comments on new post" turned on. So, I changed it to allow comments on new post too. But, so far it will not show comments on that post. I decided to write a little something here and see if comments show up on this post. What am I doing wrong?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hey, Hey, Hey.....Says Fat.........

Hoot Nannie!!!! I am OK and so is all the family. Thank Goodness. I just haven't made time to post or read. It just stays daylight too long in the summer and therefore it is sometimes 9:00 pm before we eat and then it's couch time and bed time. No wonder I'm fat with an eating pattern like that.

It is HOT here. I was going to turn off the AC while ago just to give it a break as it hasn't turned off all afternoon. I then decided sure as I turned it off it wouldn't come back on for some reason. I wouldn't blame it....Everyone needs a break now and then.

I will have the grandkids tomorrow and they will want to be outside all the time. This Nannie just cannot take the heat with the extreme humidity! I told hubby I was going to have to plan an inside day camp for them. I better get my thinking cap on.

I have made a berry pie and cobbler. (could be another reason for excess poundage!) Canned a few pickles. Have made bowl after bowl of cucumber salad. A friend gave me some tomatoes today. Yummy!! Ours are always very late compared to everyone else. We have had lots of sweet corn........Another fatting thing. But, oh so good and it only taste like this once. You can put it in the freezer or cut it off the cob, but nothing taste like it does when it is fresh from the field.

The grass has been a constant chore. It was getting dry and slowed down for a few days and then we were blessed with much needed rain, so it is high gear again for the ole John Deere. That is fine, I will cut the grass if it means we have good yields on the crops.

Our one son-in-law turned 40 and we had a wild party! It was suppose to be a surprise, but he figured out something was going on, but just didn't know exactly "what". I think we were all glad when it was over just because of trying to keep the secret. He enjoyed MOST of it! :)

We have been to many, many ballgames. But, our grandson's team lost the tournament game this past week-end so now the summer league for us is done. Oh darn........Ha Ha Ha! I think he was kind of glad too, especially since it has been so hot lately.

Well, not to have had anything to write about I've blabbed on and on. Just wanted you to know that nothing was wrong. I know how I worry when someone doesn't post for a long time. So, until I get around to posting the next time.....See Ya!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Why I Don't Have A "Paying" Job

About five weeks ago my mom asked me if when we got a chance could I help her put a dust ruffle on her bed, clean her bedroom window inside and out and hang a new pair of curtains she had on hand. Sure, mom, I will be glad to do that. I cannot even remember what came up the first few days after she asked. I think I took a bad cold and didn't want to give it to her. Then she got really sick. She was in bed almost all the time and if you knew my mom you would know this is not like her at all. I was worried sick because so many of her symptoms were just like my dad when he was diagnosed with cancer. We went to several Dr. Appointments and then when I was at her house, I was just doing the basics to keep everything going. Eventually she was diagnosed with a severe bladder infection that must have really took its toll on her.

One day I did go over with all my tools and supplies to do those few odd jobs she needed done, but I also had the grandkids. After just a couple of minutes we decided that we best not mix kids and odd jobs! And time marches on, and on, and on.

Yesterday I was taking care of my brother while mom went to a wedding. As she was leaving her parting words were, "Don't you get on a ladder while I'm gone and try to hang those curtains or wash those windows!" OK

After getting Jerry fed, I looked over the situation. I could hang those curtains without getting on a ladder and the one window pane is a tip out one so no ladder needed there. On the outside where I could have used a ladder, I made do with a long handle mop and paper towels fitted on an old broom. Mom had managed to put the dust ruffle on her bed by herself. Now to me that was the hardest job of all these. I don't know how she managed it alone. Anyhoo....When she got home all those chores were finally done. FIVE WEEKS after she had mentioned them. Now with that kind of work ethics, who would ever hire me????

Tonight I was typing some envelopes and wanted to save this document so in the future I could just open it and print more of this same envelope. I can NOT get my word processor program to save this document with the envelope settings. If you close the document and then open it again, it goes back to printing the address on an 8 1/2 X 11 page. I use Microsoft Works. This has just driven me insane. Again, who would hire someone who can't even "save" an envelope?????

While the grandchildren were staying here, I posted a couple of times. Now that I haven't had them quite so much, I cannot seem to get around to posting at all. With these kind of time management skills, who would hire me??????

Can you draw unemployment when you are deemed "unemployable"????

Oh well, cheap help is hard to get and as the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for!"

Hope this new week will be a good one for you all.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Don't Bury Me Yet!

Don't bury me yet.....I'm still alive! I just read Brenda's post about Mrs. Lee, how scary. I thought I might be dead by now, but really so far this extended babysitting gig has gone well. Oh, we have had our moments, but we are all still alive and all still love each other. :)

My ankles are about twice their normal size and I am icing them (not with the sweet stuff....With the cold stuff) while I type, I walk like I am 108 years old, and everything aches when I crawl into bed, but all of this happens most of the time even when I don't have the little ones 24 hours a day. We haven't been to the field as hubby has been working part time at the ice house and hasn't been in the field. But we have done bubbles, made craft things, been swimming, did sidewalk chalk, made clover flower necklaces, laid on the patio and watched the sunset and then found the moon,used our little sprinkling cans to water everything imaginable, picked flowers for a bouquet and made many messes with our food!!

Yesterday they both took a nap (which is rare) so I put a note on the door that said "Quiet Please" so that when Papa came home, he wouldn't bust in the house and yell "Anybody home?". So today our Granddaughter decided she would make a sign to put on the front door. Her sign says, "Please be patient"! Patient is spelled 'pashut'. Now, I am just not too sure who this sign is for, but I think it is pretty good advice for all of us. The funny thing is she has NO PASHUTS for anything!! Maybe she was trying to give herself some advice.

I love these little darlings with all my heart. I look at them and think how very blessed we are to have healthy, happy kids. And each night I ask the Good Lord for "pashuts" and strength. He has answered my prayers faithfully.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

First Night of Four

If you have any spare time send a few good vibes my way for me to have extra strength and patience for the next 4 days and nights! We are keeping the two little ones. I don't think I have ever kept any of them this long of a period before. I sometimes play out in the 8 hour shift I usually have, so I have kind of dreaded having them 24 hours a day for 4 days. But, now that it is here, it doesn't seem so bad. Of course I am just on night one and they didn't come until bedtime! :)

Their parents are going to a wedding out of state and the invitation requested no kids at the ceremony or reception. They have arranged for a baby-sitter at the hotel for their guests children that do come with their parents. But, our daughter and S-I-L weren't too fond of leaving their precious little ones with complete strangers even though I am sure the bride and groom have chosen a very reliable person to sit with the children. I wasn't too fond of that arrangement either and am glad our adult kids will get to have some quality time for just the two of them. They work some weird shifts and their lifestyle has to be somewhat different from "normal"! I just hope and pray that they have a safe trip and that we have a safe time here with the little ones.

The two year old kept telling his mom and dad "Go"! He doesn't understand that they will be gone a long time. But, the six year old got a little sad and does realize that mommy and daddy will not be here for 4 days. She was brave though and actually went to sleep before they even left.

I may be able to keep you posted on how things are going and again this may be the last time I am on the computer until next week. So I'll see you soon, or later on. Hope you have a good week-end.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Memorial Day

I started the day by going to the cemetery for the short memorial service that our American Legion does at several local sites. It is short, but impressive. My SIL is one of the participants and that is special too.

We had a big family party here and I think we had a nice day. The weather cooperated even though it was hot, there was a breeze. The kids enjoyed the pool and ride toys, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. The adults pretty well visited and ate and chased the shade and a breeze. Of course there was the younger adults who had to keep up with the kids in the pool, on the three wheeler, and go-cart. Several got out and played ball later in the evening. It is good to have a nice family get together. We should cherish these times. I know we all thought about those who are not with us anymore to enjoy these times, but they would all want us to carry on, so we do!

Now I need to go and try to put many things back in their rightful place. Ugh! Then I will stay with my brother as my mom has a dentist appointment. If all goes well, I am going to my swim class this evening as I don't have to babysit!

Hope your day is going well.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Simple Things

After what had been an extremely busy day already, hubby called and wanted to know if the grandchildren and I could bring supper to the field. At the time I didn't think I could physically do it, but said we would.

It was a beautiful evening, the weather was perfect. Lunch meat sandwiches, a big glass of iced tea, some chips and little tomatoes always taste like a gourmet meal when eaten outdoors in such beautiful weather. The kids thought it was just great to sit on the old picnic (field) quilt and eat their peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches. Eating oranges slices and being able to throw the rinds out in the field just added to their joy. Simple things.......... After eating the six year old granddaughter said she would love to play in 'that dirt'. She had that questioning look in her eyes as she told me that. One of those looks that said playing in the dirt would be so much fun, but I know Nannie will say "no"! After checking with hubby to make sure there wasn't any chemicals on the dirt, I surprised her with a "Go ahead, play in the dirt!" She kicked her flip flops off and walked barefoot in that freshly worked dirt. She ran in the tractor tracks which Great Grandpa had made right before supper. She mashed the dirt together into a ball, threw a few dirt clods, and wiggled her toes in the slightly cool earth. With the slight breeze blowing her curls and the setting sun shining on her beautiful face all was right with the world. Simple things..............

The two year old grandson joined sister in the dirt, but the walking was rough for his little legs and the old rock road was much more appealing. He could run, Nannie didn't scold if he picked up a rock and threw it down the road and he could find treasures in a rock that was colored differently than the others, a treasure he could bring to Nannie to admire. His hair was curled in tight little curls and the sun gave his little curls a golden color. He had peanutbutter and jelly still smeared on the side of his mouth, but it didn't bother him in the least. Simple things..............

Then we had to take Papa and Great Grandpa to pick up more machinery. The kids thought they had "walked on the moon" when told they could sit on the bench seat in the van with great grandpa. They didn't have to be in those carseats and got to drive down the old field roads........WOW! When we arrived at the other machinery, Granddaughter rode with G. G'pa in "old Blue". "Old Blue is like the Energizer Bunny....It just keeps on going & going & going. It's old, it creaks and squeaks, is rusted out here and there, doors don't open or shut quite right anymore, but what a thrill to ride in that old truck with G. G'pa. I followed them in the van and we moved to the next field. When they arrived at their destination, G. G'pa got out and went around and opened the door for his passenger. When he helped her out and then she looked up at him and off they went walking side by side, G'pa slightly bow legged from being so tired (he's 84 and had been working all day) and little curly headed girl looking up at him with admiration in her eyes, what a picture it would have made! I kicked myself about 20 times on this little outing because I had no camera.

When Papa asked little guy if he wanted to ride with him on the tractor, that little head bobbed up and down and a distinctive "Yes" escaped his lips. I didn't know if little one would like the noise of the tractor, so I stayed close in the van in case I needed to retrieve him. But, they kept on cruising down the field road, so all was OK. When they arrived at their destination, little one had a look of "I'm not too sure about this ride, but Papa is holding me tight and I 'think' it is fun!" After the tractor was turned off, it really was fun to sit on the seat and pretend to drive. Now that brought a smile to that dirty little face.

Finally I buckled everyone in their carseats, packed away the picnic items, and we slowly drove down the rock roads on our way home. We had waved "bye" to our farmers and we were dirty and content. As I drove it got quieter in the back seat. Soon I could see little guys head bobbing. Older sister said bubbie is asleep. Good, he needed a little nap. Soon I noticed Sissy wasn't saying anything either. Sure enough she was doing the head bob thing. Even when I reached the paved road, I kept driving slow. There was no traffic and we so seldom drive slow anymore. It was pleasant.....The peace and quite, watching the birds and seeing the newly planted fields coming to life. Yes, the simple things.....................